Monday, March 20, 2017

Her Motherhood Wish - Book Recommendation

I recently read a delightful historical romance by Author Keli Gwyn, and I was again reminded of why I enjoy Keli's stories so much!  HER MOTHERHOOD WISH is set in California in 1875 and features believable characters, action with a touch of suspense, and a wonderfully satisfying ending. The two main characters are Chip, a carpenter who has his life planned out and intends to stick to his plan, and Callie, a young woman who loves children but carries a painful reminder from her childhood. When the story opens Chip and Callie encounter two young children who've just become orphans, and I was hooked for the remainder of the book. Keli Gwyn is very thorough in her historical research, and I even learned some history tidbits while reading this story! When the story ended, I wanted to continue reading - - that's how much I enjoyed this book. If you're a fan of historical romance, you would enjoy HER MOTHERHOOD WISH by Author Keli Gwyn - - highly recommended!!  :)

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