Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer Days

I hope everyone is having a safe, fun summer. It's hard to believe that July is almost here! In spite of the heat and humidity where we live (Georgia) there are some great things about summer in my state. One of my favorites is the juicy Georgia watermelons - - yum! Another great thing about summer in Georgia is all the beautiful flowers and plants that grow in our state. The magnolias and gardenias are so fragrant, and due to the humidity, usually ferns grow well too (if not out in the direct sun). This year I have 2 hanging baskets of Hibiscus, which I am enjoying. They are a lovely shade of orange, and I'm doing my best to keep them alive - LOL!! May your summer days be blessed with family time and fun.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


While on my wonderful family vacation last week at the Georgia coast, I read the book Controlling Interest by Elizabeth White. I had not read any of her previous books, and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this fast-paced story! The book's action, sprinkled with humor and romance, kept me turning pages until after midnight (one evening I even read instead of participating in the family games for that night*gasp*). Most importantly, though, is the faith message in the book. The believable characters are certainly not perfect, but they strive to have a closer walk with the Lord and find out that He is with them no matter how bad the situation looks. I highly recommend Controlling Interest and look forward to reading more of Beth's books!