Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weeds...or Daisies?

On my deck sits an older flower pot--which used to hold a house plant. Sadly, the plant succumbed to some type of plant disease, so we sat the dirt-filled pot out on the deck- - ( I keep thinking that maybe one day I'll need it to re-pot one of my growing plants). As summer came to an end, I noticed tall stems growing up in the deserted pot--which I assumed were weeds. About two weeks ago as I glanced out my back door onto the deck, I noticed those tall stems now have lovely bright yellow blooms. Daisies!! Well...maybe not, but they could certainly "pass" for daisies! They are really pretty and definitely cheerful-looking. So I've decided even if they are some type of weed, they still add a pleasant touch of color to my deck (which needs painting!). ~ Thinking about this plant encouraged me to compare it to my life: Am I like a "weed" or a "daisy" to others? Do I just take up space and not really do anything, or do I "bloom" and brighten other peoples' days? I would hope that even in some small way I can uplift those around me....just as those "daisies" do when I look out my back door!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Finally feels like Fall !

It's almost mid-October, and here in my part of Georgia we've been having warm temperatures---until today! Finally, the air is cool and there's a strong breeze blowing, and even some of the trees in my backyard are beginning to gradually turn shades of yellow and orange (with some red peeking through). ~ Although each season has its own special beauty, Fall has been my very favorite season for years. Mainly because of the cooler air and the beautiful leaves---but also I just seem to feel better in the Fall! ~ As I looked out my window this morning and noticed more leaves were changing color, I couldn't help but reflect on the Bible verse from Psalm 19: The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handiwork. ~ May I never take for granted the beauty that God has created!