Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lovable Levi

Anyone who knows me knows that I love ALL of my cats! They each have a unique personality and are special in their own way (like people!). But of my six cats, without a doubt the most "laid back" kitty is Levi, my gorgeous fluffy white cat. I have never seen a cat quite so easy-going as Levi. Most of the time, my kitties all get along.....however, now and then one of the older female cats decides to "show who's boss" and will strike out at another cat. When this happens to Levi, he never strikes back, but just turns his head away and tries to avoid being pawed (or clawed) again. ~ In addition to his relaxed demeanor, Levi also has a tendency to sometimes go where he shouldn't be. I'm certain he's not trying to misbehave---he's just a curious cat! He's strictly an "indoor kitty" but sometimes if someone goes in/out our front door, Levi slips out in a flash. We always groan, because he often gets under our front porch and then has difficulty squeezing back out through the lattice-work. He also likes to investigate the contents of my cabinets, and the other day he even hopped on top of our refrigerator! When he does these activities, I playfully scold him and call him a "stinker" - - but love him anyway. ~ I was thinking the other day about how much God loves me - - even when I'm a "stinker" and don't do exactly as I should. And as much as I dearly love Levi and my other kitties, I know without a doubt God loves me MUCH MUCH MORE!!! So as I try to train Levi to stay out of cabinets, I'm also working on making sure I do what's pleasing to the Lord.