Friday, October 9, 2009


A few weeks ago I attended the American Christian Fiction Writers conference in Denver, Colorado. I had attended this same conference last year (held in Minnesota) and the experience was SO wonderful, I knew this year's conference couldn't possibly be any better. WOW! I was mistaken! For me personally, the conference this year was even MORE AMAZING....the Lord worked in such wonderful ways to bless me, I was constantly in awe of His goodness! I made new friends, visited with folks I'd met last year, and the Lord provided opportunities to talk with Editors - - even more than I'd planned on. ~ An added bonus was once again having my precious daughter Amy along with me. Such a special "mother/daughter" time together! ~ Perhaps the most amazing thing was our flight home. The plane was almost full when I made our online reservations, so Amy and I had seats at opposite ends of a row. We weren't thrilled about that, as we're used to sitting next to each other. ~ A precious couple from our church was also on that flight (they'd attended a wedding in Colorado) and as it turned out, their seats were beside ours! So, we were able to swap, so they sat together, and Amy and I sat together. Once again, I knew that was NOT "coincidence" but the Lord at work!! He is AMAZING!! (The picture is Debbie Macomber and me - - She was a GREAT keynote speaker!)