Wednesday, April 23, 2008

An Amazing Friend

I am blessed with so many friends...and I treasure all of them! Today is my friend Lisa's birthday so I'm dedicating my blog today to her. She is truly amazing. Last year on Easter morning Lisa's husband passed away suddenly (he had many health problems but his death was unexpected). Needless to say, Lisa and her two teen-aged sons were devastated. I can only imagine how difficult this past year has been for Lisa, BUT she has done so well and I'm so proud of her!! The reason Lisa has done so well is that she has Christ in her life (she will tell you this) and He sustains her. I'm sure it has been so challenging for her to suddenly find herself as a single parent, working outside the home, and she is also working on her college degree. She could have easily thrown her hands up in discouragement....but she keeps going...and usually with a smile on her face!! I'm sure the Lord will continue using her to minister to others who are faced with sorrow and she can be a "shining light" for His mercy and grace. Happy Birthday Lisa! You are amazing and a special friend. Love you!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring Blessings

Since I'm no longer teaching school, my days are not so hectic and I can "stop and smell the roses" so to speak. I've been noticing how beautiful our Georgia weather has been lately and also how beautiful our trees and plants are! Sure, I've always loved the trees and flowers, but this year I have more time to truly enjoy their beauty. I'm so thankful the Lord created the Spring season and all the blessings we enjoy in this season. ~ I'm also thankful that one day I'll see my precious Mother again...yesterday was the three-year anniversary of her passing, but I KNOW she's in even though I still miss her terribly here on earth, I have the blessing of knowing we'll be together again one day!! Thank you Lord!!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Tubby's "Travels"

My 12-year-old cat, Tubby, "escaped" today and headed for the woods behind our house. Tubby is a house-cat and such a sweet boy. But what alarmed me about him being outside is the fact that he is deaf. We just noticed this past year that his hearing is gone (bless his furry heart). I was so nervous all day and was planning to put notes on my neighbors' mailboxes about him. Fortunately late this afternoon my daughter Becca saw him at the edge of the woods and was able to grab him (after about 45 minutes!). Thank the Lord Tubby is now safe back inside our house, where he belongs! For any pet-lovers out there, you know how scary something like this can be.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Purr-fect Weather!!

We have been

having the most

gorgeous Spring

weather here in

Georgia! The

"climate" inside our

house has been

"purr-fect" too, with

all our furry babies!

Here's another pic

of Moses, our most

ACTIVE kitten!

Monday, April 14, 2008



Here in Georgia it is definitely SPRING!! (although our weather acts goofy!). The trees and azaleas have been gorgeous...just more reminders of God's blessings. Our four kittens and four cats are keeping me sooo busy, but they are all precious! I'm posting a pic of Moses, the kitten with the MOST energy!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Welcome to my Corner!!

WELCOME TO CatMom's Corner !!

Hello Friends!

I am sooo excited to have my very first BLOG!

Since this is a brand-new experience for me, please

be patient!! LOL!! I am a Christian mom, wife, and

cat-lover who loves to read and stay in touch with

friends. Please visit me often as I share what the

Lord is doing in the lives of my family and me!

Have a blessed day! Psalm 118:24