Sunday, September 13, 2009

Enjoying the Drive

When I was still teaching school a few years ago, I didn't particularly enjoy my daily drive to and from my school. At the time I had two children in school, and we were always rushing---getting to their schools, and then I'd hurry on to mine to be ready to greet my roomful of kindergarten children. I loved my teaching job, but it seemed my life was a constant whirlwind - - always hurrying. Quite a few times I'd commented to family members and friends that I wished we lived closer to the schools, and I even reached the point where I'd say "I detest that drive!"~ ~ Now, several years later, due to a very bad back I am no longer teaching. My "baby" is now a high school senior, and I view that very same drive across the county each day with an entirely different perspective. Instead of seeing the drive as a "hassle," I'm viewing it as extra time with my child. Yes, he can drive, but I'd much rather take him each day (there are too many reckless-driving young people on those roads). Besides, I keep reminding myself that this time next year my son will be in college, and I know I'll actually miss those daily drives together. ~ ~ This thought just occurred to me last week: The very same activity I'd felt grumbly about in the past is now something I treasure! It's all in the perspective. ~ ~ I am reminded of the verse in 1 Thessalonians: In everything give thanks. ~ So I am giving thanks for this added time with my precious son, while he's still living at home, and I'm also noticing some lovely scenery along the way that I hadn't noticed a few years ago!