Thursday, April 23, 2009


I recently finished reading the historical fiction book Beyond This Moment by Christian author Tamera Alexander, and it was WONDERFUL. I was so moved by this story that as soon as I finished the ending, I hurried to my computer and sent Tamera a message. ~ This is the second book in the Timber Ridge Reflections series, and is set in the Colorado territory in the 1870s. The story follows a newly-arrived teacher, Molly Whitcomb, and James McPherson, the sheriff of Timber Ridge, and also includes many believable secondary characters. God's hand at work is demonstrated as events unfold and characters learn important truths. ~ Tamera has the amazing gift of writing in such a way that allows the reader to get completely involved in the characters' lives, and you feel as if you're there witnessing the events happen. ~ I've read and thoroughly enjoyed all of Tamera's books, but Beyond This Moment is now my VERY favorite!! Fans of historical fiction will enjoy and appreciate this touching story of love and forgiveness. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !! : )

Friday, April 3, 2009

Eating Fried Okra in a Stranger's Driveway

Okay, I know my title looks rather strange...but if you read this post, you'll understand! ~ Being a true Southerner, I LOVE fried okra, and back in January decided I was really hungry for some. One Sunday afternoon my son Steven needed to work on a school project at a friend's house, so we decided I would pick up some fried chicken and okra (he loves it too) on my way back to get him after the project work was finished. It was a blustery cold January afternoon, and I was really looking forward to getting back home and "digging in" to that yummy meal. ~ I had driven Steven to this particular friend's house on several occasions, so I knew right where the boy lived. As I was heading down the street, I called on my cell phone to let Steven know I was there, but the boys weren't quite finished yet. I told him it was no problem---I had a book to read in my car, and they could take their time (after all, I certainly wanted them to get a good grade on this project!). I pulled down into the circular driveway of the boy's house and turned off my car. I noticed two other vehicles parked in the driveway too and assumed they belonged to other boys working on the project. Since I was parked about ten feet in front of a large window, I knew it would be easy for Steven to glance out and see just where I was parked. ~ I bundled up in my winter coat and opened up my new copy of Tamera Alexander's wonderful book From A Distance (which, by the way, is awesome--in case you haven't read it. Tammy is a super-talented Christian author!!). As I began reading, I decided to go ahead and munch on some fried okra....the aroma had been tempting me! I was quite content, all cozy as I read and munched away on the fried okra. ~ About ten minutes later my cell phone rang, and it was Steven. "Mom, where are you?" I immediately figured he and his friends were trying to play a joke on me, as if they couldn't see my car right there in front of a window! I calmly replied I was sitting in his friend's driveway, waiting for him. "Mom, no you're not." Okay, I guess these boys were going to be persistent in trying to fool me today. "Honey, I'm sitting right here just ten feet in front of their house." After a slight pause, Steven's voice calmly spoke. "Mom, you're at a house down the street. Just stay where you are and I'll walk to your car." WHAT??!! Sure enough, I glanced back up the street and saw my son, walking in the howling January wind down the street to meet me, and I wondered ---WHOSE house was I parked in front of? I immediately put my van in reverse and backed out of the driveway, running over the curb in the process. Without a word, I picked Steven up at the curb, and scooted out of that neighborhood. HOW had I gone to the wrong house? And what must those people have thought, if they glanced out their front window and saw a STRANGER sitting in their driveway, reading a book and eating fried okra?! Thankfully Steven didn't question me or make any comments about what I'd done---I guess he's used to his mother by now. Besides, he was hungry and enjoyed getting started on the fried chicken and okra as I drove us back home. ~ How do I do such silly things sometimes? I honestly don't mean to - - these things just happen to me. ~ Lately I've been thinking perhaps I should buy one of those bumper stickers that reads: Embarrassing my children.....Just one more service I offer : )