Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WINNER of Kim Vogel Sawyer's Book!!

Thank you to Kim Vogel Sawyer for graciously allowing me to interview her recently, and thank you also to ALL who left comments!!
And I'm thrilled to announce the winner of Kim's latest wonderful book, What Once Was Lost, is..........
                                          SUSAN    JOHNSON  !!!!

My sweet daughter Amy randomly chose a name from all the entries, and Susan's name was drawn!  So CONGRATULATIONS, SUSAN!!

Susan, if you'll email me at with your mailing address, please, then I'll send your book to you soon!

And THANK  YOU  again to everyone who commented, and I do hope you'll visit my blog again in the future! You're always welcome at CatMom's Corner.   * *  I also plan to have more fun interviews, book drawings, gift card drawings, etc. coming up in the future also! * *

                      HAPPY  READING!!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Interview with Author Kim Vogel Sawyer

I am thrilled to feature an interview with very favorite author Kim Vogel Sawyer, whose newly-released novel What Once Was Lost has already become one of my all-time favorite books!
Kim is not only a super-talented author, but she's also a super-nice person and has become a special friend. Enjoy the interview, and for anyone leaving a comment your name will go into a drawing for a copy of Kim's book What Once Was Lost. (Drawing is for U.S. residents only, please) It is a wonderful story!
                                           ~      ~      ~      ~
1. Welcome Kim! Thank you for answering my questions today. First of all, how many books have you written?
     What Once Was Lost is my 30th release. In the wings are four more completed stories. The fingers get a work-out every day at the computer.  :)
2. Do you always write in the same place (your home office)?
     For the most part, yes. Occasionally I write on the porch or go to the settee in the library. I usually do my best work in my office, though, because when I step through that door I'm entering "the zone," and I go into writer-mode. I guess it's a mind thing.
3. How did you get the idea/inspiration for What Once Was Lost?
     This story's inspiration grew from a get-away trip with a few writer friends to the Flint Hills of Kansas. A huge rock barn setting off the road caught our attention and we went to investigate. We discovered the barn was all that remained of what once had been the county poor farm. The house had burned down in the 1940s and the poor farm closed at that time. Wondering what had happened to the people who'd lived there led to Christina's story.
4. When you're not writing, what keeps you busy?
     Running the B&B ( takes quite a bit of time. The Hubs and I are active in our church. And of course I love time with my family--my parents, my daughters, and my positively adorable-beyond-descriptions grandkiddos. There's always something to do!
5. I'm always interested in knowing "favorites" - - so what is your favorite color?  Need you ask? PURPLE! (CatMom here--I already knew that answer, LOL)
   Favorite food? Kind of depends on my mood, but I'm always in the mood for something chocolatey.
   Favorite drink? Either Jones Sugar-Free Black Cherry Soda or Shasta Diet Cream Soda, both of which are pretty hard to come by these days.
   Favorite type of music? Contemporary Christian or piano renditions of romantic tunes.
   Favorite place to visit? Alaska. I'd go every year if we could afford it.
6. Please tell us about your cats.
     Let's see, Sam is the big bruiser--a lover, though, instead of a fighter. Frances is the resident mommy--she makes sure everyone has clean ears. Maizie-Grace is our princess--yes, the world revolves around her. And bashful little Clydey-Cat is my muse.
7. Have you always lived in Kansas?
     For all but one year of my life, yes, so Kansas has been home.

THANK YOU, Kim, for this fun interview. And readers--remember one name will be drawn from the commenters and I'll mail you a copy of Kim's newly-released book, What Once Was Lost. For everyone else, if you haven't purchased this book, you need to! It really is an amazing, sweet story and I think it's now my favorite of ALL of Kim's books (and I've truly loved everything this talented author has written).  :)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Soothing Scripture

Like many Americans today, I try to keep up with the news--at least the major headlines and also happenings in my town. And as I've heard so many people comment--especially in recent years--the news reports seem to get worse and worse.
We cannot ignore what's going on in our country and across the world, but I don't believe anyone wants to dwell on the bad news all the time.
As a Christian I often feel helpless when I hear about (or read) news reports of crime, wars, poverty, etc. ~ It often seems as if evil abounds, and is spreading. a Christian, I do not need to feel helpless or hopeless, because I have Someone in my life bigger than ALL the world's problems and evils. So I do the best I can, pray, and turn to God by reading His soothing reminders. My Bible is my most prized book, and even though I've read all the way through several times (and re-read certain Scriptures many, many times) I am still amazed at how certain passages seem to "grab" me--just when I need them!
This evening I was thinking about news I've read in recent days--fighting, tense situations, and turbulence---nothing good or hopeful.
So I began searching Bible verses for words to offer reassurance and hope. Soothing Scriptures, as I like to call them. The verse below is a wonderful reminder to us all that our hope is in our Lord, and with Him we can have courage and strength--even in a world that seems hopeless.
Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord.  Psalm 31:24