Sunday, December 6, 2009

Preparing for Christmas

December is here, and the days fly quickly by. The Christmas season always seems to be a very hectic time for most of us, and we see/hear the word "stress" quite a bit (sadly). Earlier today as I was bringing decorations up from my basement, I thought about many things I still need to do for Christmas (including more shopping and sending Christmas cards!). But a thought occurred to me as I was looking through boxes of ornaments and wrapping paper: The most important preparation I can do for Christmas is to prepare my heart. The oft-heard statement "Jesus is the Reason for the Season" is much more than a phrase for people to wear on pins. This statement is an all-important reminder of WHY we have this wondrous holiday each year on December 25. We are celebrating our Savior's birth!!! What a joyous thought! So no matter what activities we feel we must accomplish these next few weeks, we need to prepare our hearts to welcome the precious Baby who was born in a lowly manger. And remember the REASON He was born: To save us!!! So instead of being so overwhelmed with the world's ideas of what we should be doing, I want to make certain my heart is prepared to rejoice over my Savior's birth!! ~ ~ I am attaching a picture of my cat Moses as he "helped" me unpack a tub of Christmas items!