Thursday, August 8, 2013

International Cat Day

This evening I was delightfully surprised to learn that today, August 8, is International Cat Day! I had no idea (which is surprising, being the avid cat-person that I am). Now that I'm aware of this special day, I'll be sure and mark my August calendar in the coming years!
I cannot imagine life without my cats. Yes, they DO require work and sometimes do make a mess (when a flower pot gets turned over and the dirt spills onto the floor*sigh*), but that's okay....BECAUSE they are part of my family now, and offer unconditional love (in addition to entertainment with their playful antics)
. I realize that some people think of cats as "arrogant, indifferent" creatures, but they are actually loving, smart, and affectionate pets. And each one has his/her own personality (or, maybe that should be PURR-sonality!).
So in honor of International Cat Day, I'm featuring a few photos of some of my precious kitties. My "furry children" are such blessings to me, and I'm so thankful that when God created our world, He gave us animals too!