Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Left-handed People Celebrate!

Today (August 13) is National Left-handers' Day ! Being a left-handed person, I always try to remember that this is "our special day" each year. However, very few people are aware that we lefties even have a special day, so I take it upon myself to remind others each year. I don't know who started it, or when it was started, or even how August 13 was determined to be THE special date for lefties, but several years ago I discovered it on a calendar and made a point to remember the date! Being a left-handed person is not easy. I remember way back in college taking a golf class....I was the only lefty in the class, so the instructor always had to "reverse" his demonstrations for me. Same thing with other activities too (tennis,etc.). For me personally, the most "annoying" thing is when I write with ink and my little finger ends up with ink after I'm finished writing (from dragging along the words I've just written). I've heard it said that "it's not a left-handed world" and I agree....most things are geared to right-handed people, since they are the majority. But I've also heard it said that "left-handed people are creative and special" and I LOVE that saying! So if you're a lefty, enjoy this special day, and we'll just be thankful we have hands to matter how awkward things can be sometimes!