Monday, July 15, 2013

Christmas in July

As I purchased some items in a store this morning, a friendly cashier and I chatted about how quickly this year is going. We both shared our amazement at the fact that it's already mid-July. I jokingly commented to her that before we know it, Christmas will be here again.
Now although thinking of Christmas is very pleasing to me (since it's my very favorite holiday as we celebrate the birth of the Christ Child), I do not want to rush time. As the old expression says: Live one day at a time.
I will admit that I've always struggled with worry--especially if I've got a lot to get accomplished in a short amount of time. So many times in the past I've thought: Okay, I'll make the most of each day and enjoy life more after I get these things behind me (referring to whatever I had to do--whether it was a medical appointment or simply lots of projects to finish). But is that really how any of us are supposed to live? I don't think so! As I realized today how very quickly 2013 is zipping by, I decided that in the remaining days of this year, I will try my best to really and truly make the most of each day. And for me personally, that means seeking the Lord's guidance to do what HE would have me to do each and every day!
But I'll confess.....when it IS time to bring out the Christmas decorations and prepare for that special time, I'll have a joyful heart and be wearing a big smile!

    So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.    Psalm 90:12

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