Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer Reading

One of my fondest childhood memories involves books. My sweet mother spent much time reading to me, and helping me learn to read. After I became school-age, every summer Mama took me to our town's small library where I'd check out a different stack of books to read each week.
After I had children, reading to them was my most favorite activity. I wanted them to have a love for books that I've always had! So each summer we'd participate in the "Summer Reading Program" at our local library---such sweet memories.
Now that my children are grown, I'm looking forward to having grandchildren (Lord willing) to read to and share my love of books with one day---that thought makes me smile!
As an adult, I continue to enjoy "Summer Reading"*smile*, and hope to share some blog posts in the next few months that feature a few of my favorite Christian authors. Of course I don't only enjoy their books in the summer, but all year long. So if you enjoy books as much as I do, HAPPY READING!!

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Susan Marlene Kinney said...

Reading is one of my favorite past times and rewards for me accomplishing something! Any excuse to dive between the pages!! Ha ha! I have a grandson who doesn't even wish to be read to:( But I love him anyway!! I will not be attending this years ACFW conference. I sure wish I could be there. I will be with you all in spirit though cheering you on!!

Blessings! Sue