Sunday, June 30, 2013

Making Mountain Memories

I love the mountains. Living in the south, the Smoky Mountains are the closest to us, so for years my family has vacationed there. I have treasured memories of many trips to the Smokies when my children were very young. Since it had been seven years since my family had taken a vacation to the mountains, we decided to go again. So after finally finding dates in June that were convenient with ALL my family, we rented a cabin and drove up last week.
What a wonderful time we had! The days flew by too quickly, and now I'm back home again. But what sweet memories I have of this trip. This was our first vacation to the mountains since both daughters have been married, so my sons-in-law were with us, and seemed to really enjoy the mountains too.
Although we stayed on-the-go quite a bit (and ate a LOT!), one of my favorite activities while there was playing games around the large, wooden table in our cabin. My daughters, son, sons-in-law and I had many laughs as we played games at night.
Another favorite part of the trip was enjoying the mountain views from our cabin--especially when sitting on the deck behind the cabin. It was so peaceful as I sat out there one morning--enjoying God's beautiful creation.
This vacation helped me realize that even though I treasure the memories from my kiddos' childhood days, now that my children are grown there are still many wonderful memories to be made. For that, I am SO thankful!!
    The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handiwork.  Psalm 19:1


Susan Marlene Kinney said...

Greetings my friend! We just arrived back from Disney World and we also racked up the memories. Our grandsons liked most of the places we visited! They really preferred the rides and not the countries in Epcot....not sure if I spelled that right! We got in late last night and I'm sooo tired today! Ha ha! Relationships and good bonding memories are truly tops!

CatMom said...

Hello precious friend! SO glad you all went to Disney World! What a fun place to make memories! (But I'm not surprised you're tired---even though it's a wonderful place, it can be exhausting for adults *grin*).
I hope you'll have a wonderful 4th of July! Love, Patti Jo