Thursday, January 22, 2009

Remembering Daddy

Two years ago today (January 22) my precious Daddy went to Heaven. Although he had been quite ill, we all expected him to recover, as he had always done in the past. He was a survivor, and we expected him to survive his health issues that had begun just a matter of weeks before his passing. Over the years, he had overcome some major heart problems, prostate cancer, and other serious conditions. I firmly believe one reason is because he wanted to be here for us: He was ALWAYS the Daddy! He felt his job was to take care of his family, no matter how old his daughters were. When we'd do things for him, he would always say: "It's not your job to do for me; I'm the daddy---I'm supposed to do things for you!" ~ A graduate of Georgia Tech, my Daddy was the smartest man I've ever known, and as a hospital volunteer said shortly before his death: "Your father is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge." I couldn't agree more.~ By the world's standards, my Daddy wasn't a wealthy man, but by his standards, he was. He loved his family so much, and he also loved animals. (He had five cats at the time of his death). It was very hard after my sweet Mama passed away (they'd been married almost 64 years!) but Daddy's cats were his companions. Over the years, whenever a stray cat or dog wandered into the yard, Daddy made sure the animal was fed and cared for. He loved wildlife too, and sent many donations to help care for sick or injured wild animals, in addition to the Humane Society. ~ But the most important thing about my Daddy was that he truly loved the Lord, and so now we have the comfort and peace of knowing Daddy is in Heaven, and we'll see him (and Mama!) again one day.

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Kim Vogel Sawyer said...

Daddies are such special people, and it sounds like you had a jewel. I am a "daddy's girl" myself, so I could relate to your post very well. I'm fortunate to still have both of my parents with me, and I cherish my time with them. Thanks for sharing your treasured memories, Patti Jo. How wonderful to celebrate the life of someone who obviously lived what his heart believed.