Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Miracles

It's Christmas Eve and I've had a delightful evening of wrapping presents and visiting with my oldest daughter who's just arrived home from college. After we finished with the wrapping, I kept my Christmas Eve tradition of twenty-four years, as I sat down with my children (ages 24, 21, and 17) and read the Christmas story from the second chapter of Luke. I began doing that when my oldest was a newborn, 24 years ago, and it's a special tradition we always do on Christmas Eve. The most important reason we read that story each year, though, is to remember and focus on WHY we are really celebrating Christmas. We all get so busy during the holiday season and need to make the time to stop and think about that wonderful miracle of the Christ Child's birth so many years ago. It truly was a miracle and the most wonderful, joyous event we could ever celebrate! ~ And speaking of miracles--although this is a much smaller one--my Christmas Cactus has bloomed for the very first time since a friend gave it to me 3 years ago! I was thrilled when I noticed the tiny buds a few weeks ago, and then those buds turned into gorgeous blooms. Although the plant had remained green, it would never bloom. Then suddenly this year it presented me with a beautiful gift as it was covered in red blooms! For me, that was a "miracle" that blessed me as I prepared for Christmas.


Janet Spaeth said...

HOpe you had a wonderful Christmas! I'm so glad we got to meet in Sept. at the conference--we cat people need to stick together! (And not just because we're covered with cat hair, LOL!)

Sharlene MacLaren said...