Sunday, November 16, 2008

Meeting A President!

One evening last week my oldest sister wanted several of us to meet for dinner at a nice restaurant in Atlanta. She wanted to celebrate having her house all paid off (which is certainly something for anyone to celebrate!). We had been seated at our table for about fifteen minutes when we noticed a couple being escorted to the table right next to our table. It was former President Jimmy Carter and his lovely wife Rosalyn!! I couldn't believe it, because at that very moment my teen-aged son was at home....writing a report on.....JIMMY CARTER !! I was so excited that I could hardly eat my delicious meal (although I did "force myself" to eat - LOL!!).

When President Carter's daughter Amy walked by my chair, I discreetly asked her if there was any way that she could snap a quick picture of her Dad for my son (and I explained about my son's report on President Carter). She said she'd ask him, and a minute later she turned back around to me and said that her Dad wanted me in the picture too! So I stooped down by his chair for a quick picture. He was so kind and gracious, and I was THRILLED!! (and thankful the Secret Service didn't come over and grab me.....they were nearby and very watchful!). I've posted the picture of Jimmy Carter and me (he was looking down at me, because the flash cameras bother his eyes). ~ What an exciting dinner!

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