Friday, October 25, 2013

Having Peace

I recently read a saying that I've seen before, but this time it really stuck with me. It went something like this:
     If we live in the past, we feel depressed.
     If we live in the future, we feel anxious.
    But when we live in the present, we feel PEACE.

Such simple words, but how very true. How often do we reflect on events that have already happened, and wish we could've done things differently? Or if we're thinking of happy times, we might feel sad as we wish we could re-live those times.
Dwelling on the future can certainly cause anxiety--especially if we're worried about health concerns, finances, our country, or any number of things.
BUT....when we live in the present---living each day to the fullest and giving thanks for that day and its many blessings, we feel peace and contentment.
I will admit I've often worried and fretted over situations that are totally out of my control. And there have even been times I've worried about something that never even came to pass! (Later I'd laugh and say I had "worried over nothing").
However, I am really striving to take to heart the words of the little saying above---and live in the present. None of us knows what the future holds, but for believers, we know WHO holds our future.
And that's the best way to have
PEACE in each day!


Susan Marlene Kinney said...

Oh Patti Jo! What a refreshing post. Yes in times like these when life is uncertain and changes can take place so quickly we have the anchor that Jesus is with us moment by moment! This post touched my heart!

CatMom said...

Thank you, precious Sue.
You are a sweetheart and a blessing to me.
Hugs, Patti Jo