Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Trivia Tuesday

Just for fun, I've compiled another list of trivia--from various categories. If you enjoy trivia (no matter how useless!) I hope you'll enjoy these facts.
FUNNY  TOWN  NAMES:  Buttermilk, Kansas
                                                Good Intent, New Jersey
                                                Moon, Pennsylvania (which interestingly, has an airport located nearby)
A GROUP of:  Gorillas is a band
                          Elk is a gang
                          Monkeys is a troop

Engineers needed 22 years to design the zipper.

Albert T. Marshall patented a household refrigerator in 1899.

Despite its great strength, the octopus tires easily.

Even though it has a hump, the camel has a straight spine.

It is estimated that manatees live a maximum of 50-60 years.

In Berkeley, California there is an organization whose members gather monthly to discuss and honor the garlic plant.

Ancient Greeks believed ivy to be the sign of everlasting love.

To grow properly, orchids require moving air (they seem to do better if there is a constant breeze).

Only 8% of the potatoes grown in the US are used to make potato chips.

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