Saturday, April 16, 2011

Christmas Cactus for Easter!

The first Christmas after my precious mother went to Heaven, some friends gave me a lovely Christmas Cactus. Since I love plants, I was thrilled (and had fond memories of the dozens and dozens of beautiful plants my mother had grown--including a Christmas Cactus). So, being determined to not only keep the plant alive but also get it to re-bloom, I made certain to keep it watered and have it setting in a prime spot to get the sun it needs. I was thrilled the first time it bloomed at Christmas, but then the plant went two years with no blooms. However, I was encouraged the next Thanksgiving when it again bloomed. ~ Now as we are in the Easter season, my Christmas Cactus has begun blooming again! I am thrilled, since the blooms are a gorgeous shade of fushia and are so pretty. (The picture I've included above isn't my plant, but mine is very similar---just a little larger!) ~ Every morning when I open the window blinds where that plant is setting, I praise the Lord for this little "unexpected gift" of beauty that brightens my day! ~ It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord....Psalm 92:1

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