Monday, May 18, 2009

Spring Cleaning in my Heart

As long as I can remember, I've heard people use the phrase "Spring cleaning" each year (especially in the months of April and May). It's a great concept, and who would argue that a sparkling clean home doesn't make the occupants feel better?! ~ But I recently had a thought, that in addition to having a thorough cleaning and de-cluttering in my home, I should also have this in my heart. This may sound silly to some folks: Spring cleaning in your HEART?? ~ For me, this just means "cleaning out" negative thoughts and habits that are cluttering up my heart - - which in turn affect my mind. I'll admit I've always been a worrier, so that's definitely something I need to "toss"! If I eliminate worry from my heart and mind and replace it with TRUST, PEACE, and PRAISE, what a difference that would make. Instead of fretting over situations in which I have no control, I would pray - - trusting the Lord to take care of the situation. This in turn gives me peace, and I can praise the Lord.....knowing He is in control! ~ I pray all my family and friends are having a wonderful Spring season - - filled with peace as you enjoy the beauty of this marvelous season (even if you haven't cleaned your house yet!!).


Kim Vogel Sawyer said...

Patti Jo, methinks you and I are much alike. :o) I've had a life-long worry habit--one that literally made me physically ill. So I developed a habit to replace worry. Since I'm very hands-on, every time I start to worry, I grab the worry in my fist, then hand it over to God to keep for the day. Sometimes I try to grab it back, but as many times as it takes, I give it to Him with a thank You for carrying it for me. Sure beats a stomachache! :o)

CatMom said...

Oh Kim!! I love how you literally "hand over" the worry to God! Thank you for sharing that....sounds like an idea I need to put into practice. And you're so right- - much better than becoming physically ill from the worry (which I've also done, I'm sorry to say). ~ Thanks for stopping by! Hugs to you, Patti Jo