Friday, May 17, 2013

Blessed or Stressed?

I do try to keep up with major events happening in the world around me, but at times watching the television news reports can be overwhelming, to say the least. Horrible suffering in war-torn countries, crime occurring in many areas, and natural disasters are only a partial list of devastating reports that news announcers tell us about. If we allow these reports to take over our thoughts, it can make for some really gloomy moods.
 But as Christians, we cannot pretend there's no evil or suffering in the world, and ignore all the bad things as we go about our lives. Nor should we go to the other extreme and focus on the negative events completely, allowing ourselves to be filled with stress.
So is it possible to feel happy and blessed in a world filled with negative news all around us (which can easily result in our feelings of stress)? I think the answer is YES!
As a Christian, I know my Bible is my guidebook for life--in all areas. All I have to do is search Scriptures and I can find answers, comfort, and hope. In the book of John, Jesus tells His disciples that in the world they will have tribulation, then He adds but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. ~ WOW!! Those words spoken so many years ago are still true for us TODAY, because the Lord is still IN CONTROL. Even though daily news reports remind us of the strife, evil, and disasters happening around us, we can be blessed by knowing the Lord loves us and is watching over us.
I try to remember that when a particular news report leaves me feeling stressed, I need to pray about the situation and the people affected, then remember how blessed I am because I belong to a loving God, and He will never leave me.


Keli Gwyn said...

Patti Jo, I hear you on the staggering amount of bad news out there. I think what's happened is that we're exposed to so much more news overall, both good and bad, that the sheer volume can seem almost overwhelming at times.

There are many blessings, though. Your friendship is one of mine.

CatMom said...

I agree, Keli--the sheer volume of news does seem overwhelming at times.
Thank you for the sweet comment--you are a blessing in MY life!
Hugs, Patti Jo

Susan Marlene Kinney said...

Hi Patti Jo! My pastor was just preaching about the Goliaths in our week he is preaching on how to deal with them! I'm looking forward to that message. Talking to my friends about the sermon we decided when there is a lull then we better get prayed up for the next round. What a blessing He never gives us more than we can handle! He never allows a struggle or difficulty to be waisted...He mines heavenly treasures from each one if we will but allow..... Here is hoping that all is well with you and yours! I'm so glad you have a blog I can visit!

CatMom said...

Hi precious Susan! Wow, your pastor's messages sound awesome! And you are so right that the Lord uses our struggles and difficulties to produce treasure--great reminder!
Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I think of you often and pray for you. Hugs, Patti Jo :)

Susan Marlene Kinney said...

Thank you so much for your prayers!! Those are always a welcome for sure!! I just prayed for you and wanted to peek back here to see how you are doing! I'm rereading Laura Frantz's book "Love's Reckoning" and loving it! I've read it before but I'm going to do a book report on it. Her next one in the series comes out in September so I'm getting ready. Such a blessing her books are! I just prayed for your work in progress too!! Mega blessings to you....