Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Comfort in the Clouds

Even though many people enjoy flying, I am not one of them. But I won't argue that it's wonderful being able to travel hundreds (or even thousands) of miles so much quicker than if in a car. Still, if given a choice, I'll take a car--thank you very much!
On a recent airplane trip back from Kansas, we encountered a lot of turbulence. Now for folks who fly frequently, this is probably no big deal. But to someone who doesn't fly very often--and doesn't enjoy flying--it was rather unsettling. Actually I should say it was VERY unsettling. As we literally bounced up and down, I felt almost as if I was riding a roller coaster (which I haven't done in years). Glancing around at other passengers seated near me, a few appeared concerned. But for the most part, the majority of the travelers didn't seem to be bothered by the bouncing (or they were hiding their feelings well!). Being very honest, I have to admit: I was scared.
I took in some deep breaths, and I prayed. Earnestly prayed for the Lord to keep us safe, no matter how stormy the weather might be, or how strong the turbulence was. Then I began silently reciting some of my favorite Bible verses of comfort. Not only reciting them, but actually thinking about what the verses said: God is in control. He is ALWAYS with me--whether my feet are planted firmly on the ground, or I'm thousands of feet in the air as I travel in an airplane. ~ Then an amazing thing happened: A calming peace washed over me, and I knew that no matter how bumpy the flight, God held me securely in His hands. Thankfully the flight became calmer not too much later, and we landed safely in Atlanta. But that experience was another reminder for me that no matter what storms we go through, our Lord is with us--leading us, watching over us, and always there to calm our fears. What a comforting thought!  ~  ~  For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.  II Timothy 1:7


Susan Marlene Kinney said...

A friend recently sent me a devotion which really ministered to me...all about our valleys and mountain top experiences...God love and presence...if we will but you did and abide in him!! Then our spirit can fly in spite whether our bodies are or not! Ha ha!! I made a couple more comments on your earlier postings. :)

CatMom said...

Thanks Susan! And I love your phrase "our spirit can fly"--great reminder. :)