Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunflowers and Squirrels

I LOVE sunflowers!! And (this may sound crazy, I know)....I LOVE squirrels! Well, maybe I shouldn't say "love"---but I think they're cute, and I feed them well on my deck. After all, they entertain me with their antics as they chase each other and sprawl on my deck railing as if they're sunbathing. ~ Last year I planted some sunflower seeds in a nice, sunny spot in my backyard. Sadly nothing ever happened. I decided that some of the squirrels must've dug up the seeds for a meal, and I accepted the fact that the only sunflowers I'd ever have would be the artificial ones in my home (I use a "sunflower" theme in my kitchen).

About six weeks ago I noticed a weed growing in a large discarded flower pot on my deck. The pot is filled with dirt and had once housed a plant that's no longer with us, but I'd figured the large flower pot would be useful one day. I started to go out and pull the weed out of the dirt, but was curious as to how tall it would grow, so I let it be. Each week the "weed" grew taller, the stem sturdier, and the large green leaves seemed to be quite healthy. Could it be a sunflower? I looked on the internet at different types of sunflowers and compared the leaves with the ones in the pot on my deck. A few days later a beautiful sunflower bloomed in that flower pot---not a weed, but a SUNFLOWER!!! Needless to say, I was thrilled! I decided that perhaps my squirrels felt guilty about digging up my seeds last year, so they planted some seeds for me in that discarded pot. ~ More blooms have appeared, and it's been an unexpected blessing as I've enjoyed the gorgeous bright yellow blooms from my kitchen window. ~ This has reminded me of how the Lord gives us unexpected blessings in life. Sometimes when we least expect it, He blesses us in a special way. May I always be thankful for ALL my blessings, and may I remember to give thanks to Him!

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