Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Feast for the Eyes

One day recently as I was heading out of my neighborhood to run a few errands, the phrase "a feast for the eyes" came to mind. The reason for that particular phrase was because of the absolute beauty displayed in my area right now. We are having a gorgeous Springtime---many of our trees have been covered in blooms and many flowers are also blooming. The redbud, Bradford Pear, and Yoshino Cherry trees have been especially lovely this year, and now many yards have bright, cheerful tulips blooming. Isn't it wonderful how the Lord has our seasons perfectly planned? Each season possesses its own special beauty, but after bare trees in the Winter we seem to appreciate the blooms of Spring even more. ~ Although my vision is not perfect, I am so thankful I have eyes to see the beauty of each season, and enjoy the "feast" my Lord so graciously gives me.


Kim Vogel Sawyer said...

He didn't have to make the world beautiful, yet He chose to pleasure our senses. I'm sure it pleases Him when we take the time to notice.

CatMom said...

You are so right, Kim. For me personally, one of the "perks" of no longer teaching has been having more time (especially in the mornings) to notice the beauty around me. When I was much busier, I'd still notice, but would always be in a rush and couldn't enjoy the scenery as I do now! ~ Thanks so much for stopping by, sweet friend. :)