Thursday, May 22, 2008

Movies, Monkeybread, and Monopoly

Please allow me to share a "Mom musing" with you! Anyone who is a mom of "older" kids (teens or college-aged) can certainly relate to this. As our children get older and busier, we find that they are away from home more often, which is part of them gaining their independence. But I just happen to be the kind of mom who LOVES having all my kiddos at home! Okay, maybe I thrive on chaos....but anyway, this mother hen is happiest when her chickadees are all gathered in the nest. These past two weeks my middle child, Becca, was at home before leaving for her summer job at a Christian camp (in another town, living with a host family). Oh, how much I enjoyed spending time with my Becca....we watched old movies, baked yummy "Monkeybread" and played the classic board game, Monopoly....and I LOVED every minute of those simple activities!! ~ I am so very thankful the Lord has blessed me with my three children, and although I have "yearned" at times for the days when they were little, He is showing me just how wonderful EVERY age can be!

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